• Learning Organic Chem is possible.

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Mastering Organic Chemistry is Tough.

Memorizing terms and formulas might get you through general chemistry, but may lead to failure in organic chemistry. Success requires learning to think visually.

Our game provides puzzles for learning spatial reasoning, a key for mastering organic chemistry.

We created Chairs! to make organic chemistry visual, tactile and, yes, entertaining.

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What are Chairs?

(AKA cyclohexane ring flips)

A cyclohexane molecule is six-different tetrahedral carbons linked together in a circle—hence, cyclohexane.

  • When viewed from the top it looks like a hexagon.
  • When viewed from the side, the carbon atoms are puckered, because the angles are 109.5°. Organic chemists call this sideway view of cyclohexane a chair.
  • Cyclohexane is always moving back and forth between its two possible chair orientations, these are called conformational isomers.
  • This movement is called a ring flip.
  • As the chairs flip, so do the bonds attached to the carbons.

Mastering Chairs

Why is mastering this exercise critical to mastering organic chemistry? Ring flips provide great exercises in visual thinking—a key skill needed to succeed in this branch of chemistry.

Chairs! turns these ring and bond flips into a fun visual puzzle game.

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Download Chairs!

We created Chairs! to help you better understand cyclohexane conformations. With over 13 challenging levels, Chairs! will help you master this tough concept with ease. Download our apps today!